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My friend is getting published!!!

Author Spotlight Elizabeth Roderick  <<— GO check it out!! My friend just got published! She’s writing about mental health and struggles in the YA genre, which I think is super unique and much needed. So many people out there struggle with mental issues and don’t get accepted. She’s also written an Adult Erotica Crime thriller,… Continue reading My friend is getting published!!!

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The Melding of the Minds, Part 2 – My Story

Good morning, everyone! Today is a good day. Sometimes I have trouble thinking positively, even in the morning, but today feels pretty good so far. Today, I’m going to finish my little duet on writing one’s gender opposite. My previous post, The Melding of the Minds, Part 1, discussed famous men and women who have… Continue reading The Melding of the Minds, Part 2 – My Story