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A Depressed Writer Day

  A Big Shout-Out Today was a weird day for me, writing and “In Real Life”. But before I get to that gunk, I want to do a big, joyous, arm-flinging SHOUT OUT!! To my wonderful, new, shiny and squiggly 39 new followers…I wish I could do a shout-out post for all of you. Alas,… Continue reading A Depressed Writer Day

10-Day Blog Makeover · Announcements

Fun, Fancy, & -Final- Days of Blog Makeover! – Days 7-10

This Blog Has Been Made OVER! Well, not much to say on this, folks. A little heading/title analyzing here, some tag edits and word clipping there…and it’s done! This blog is all fresh and shiny after the 10-day makeover…TADAAAAA!! How do you like it? =) Catch-up on the WHOLE Makeover Process… Here are the other… Continue reading Fun, Fancy, & -Final- Days of Blog Makeover! – Days 7-10