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Discovering Writer Marge Piercy

My fellow writers and readers, I'm always very excited when I get to discover a new writer! Today we're discovering poet, feminist, and novelist Marge Piercy. Born in 1936, she is a New York Times bestseller known for her frank biographical writings, her writing about social concerns, and her unabashed upholding of women's rights. She's… Continue reading Discovering Writer Marge Piercy

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On the Edge – a poem

In these crazy times we live in, I had to try to express myself with poetry: I now reside on a needle tip every moment could be my fall dark clouds grasp me while red fires burnbillowing flamesBreath eludes me Love’s soft songdrains awayA moment more andI couldn’t have born it I walk the edge… Continue reading On the Edge – a poem

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Poetry Inspirations – Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur Contemporary Poet - Rupi Kaur Today, I'd like to share something from contemporary poet Rupi Kaur. She exploded onto the market a few years back, in 2014, with her collection Milk and Honey. Since, she has gone on to publish other collections. She is renowned for articulating the feminine experience and for being… Continue reading Poetry Inspirations – Rupi Kaur

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Happy Spring! Poem a Day and Handmade Journals Fun

There's an awesome Poem a Day thing going on over at the Writer's Digest website! Check the newest one out here. I'm thinking of getting in on it, myself. I want to write more poetry! Does anyone have anything to share about making scrapbooks or journals? I'm excited, because I saw some beautiful hand-made journals… Continue reading Happy Spring! Poem a Day and Handmade Journals Fun