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“Sometimes Writer’s Block = Depression”

Hello, friends! My apologies for not posting yesterday, on Wednesday. I had a rough day, and am still somewhat going through it. But, I will be posting again on Wednesdays as usual, starting next week. In addition to reviewing After Dark by Haruki Murakami, who we discussed in another post, I'm going to be reviewing… Continue reading “Sometimes Writer’s Block = Depression”

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From Daily Grind to Daily Mind

In these days where many are still in quarantine, some might have forgotten the daily grind; others remember it all too well. As we work from home now, or more often, we don't find ourselves missing the daily commute, the way lunchtime flies by, or the freezing A/C at the office. Sometimes writing can feel… Continue reading From Daily Grind to Daily Mind

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Outlining Your Book VS. “By the Seat of Your Pants”, AKA “Pantser-ing” It

Today I read a great guest blog post over on Writer Unboxed about outlining your novel before writing it, versus writing straight-off from your mind with no outline, "by the seat of your pants," as the saying goes. I like what the writer had to say there, and it got me I a pantser, or… Continue reading Outlining Your Book VS. “By the Seat of Your Pants”, AKA “Pantser-ing” It