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Discovering Poet Amanda Gorman

Good afternoon my friends, As of today I will be posting weekly on Wednesdays. Also, I'm experimenting with showing the full posts on the blog homepage instead of excerpts; let me know which style you like more in the comments. Poet Amanda Gorman Last week we discovered writer Marge Piercy, a feminist and prolific writer… Continue reading Discovering Poet Amanda Gorman

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Discovering Writer Marge Piercy

My fellow writers and readers, I'm always very excited when I get to discover a new writer! Today we're discovering poet, feminist, and novelist Marge Piercy. Born in 1936, she is a New York Times bestseller known for her frank biographical writings, her writing about social concerns, and her unabashed upholding of women's rights. She's… Continue reading Discovering Writer Marge Piercy

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From Daily Grind to Daily Mind

In these days where many are still in quarantine, some might have forgotten the daily grind; others remember it all too well. As we work from home now, or more often, we don't find ourselves missing the daily commute, the way lunchtime flies by, or the freezing A/C at the office. Sometimes writing can feel… Continue reading From Daily Grind to Daily Mind

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Writing During the Holidays; &, a Book Recommendation

Hello everyone, and happy holidays! 2021 is just around the corner. Exhausting, right? Well, all I can say is - PLEASE remember to say "Jumanji" at midnight on December 31st, 2020! Then all the disasters might just end. 😉 haha, just a joke.I've been researching continuously on the events of October 5, 1860 where the… Continue reading Writing During the Holidays; &, a Book Recommendation

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NaNo 2020 is around the corner! Are you ready??

It's almost time to start drafting our National Novel Writing Month novels in November 2020! How do you feel? I feel: ExcitedNervousUnder-prepared The NaNoWriMo website talks about types of writers: those who plan and outline ("Plotters"), those who don't ("Planners"), and those who are somewhere in-between ("Plansters"?).I am usually a plotter type, who does outlines… Continue reading NaNo 2020 is around the corner! Are you ready??