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500 words/day challenge, & a great book!

Stuck in a Cloud I’m tired of this blog being dead. I’m tired of not writing. Yes, I’m scared; nervous; anxious. Yes, I don’t believe I can do it. Writing again after such a long slump? Impossible, my Inner Editor says. But I’m going to try! The 500 words/day Challenge! If you’d like, try with… Continue reading 500 words/day challenge, & a great book!

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Character Motivations and Emotions

Thought of the Week How do you feel a character’s emotions and motivations? How do you write them well? Personal Recently I had someone in my monthly writing group point out a bad bit of plotting and a major character motivation issue, all in chapter 4, the chapter where I feel my book really gets… Continue reading Character Motivations and Emotions

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Getting Out of a No-writing Spell

A No-writing Spell I’m trying to get out of a no writing spell. It’s been really tough because I’m still battling writers discouragement syndrome. That’s not a real thing by the way, it’s just what I’m calling it when a writer feels discouraged and doesn’t believe in his or her own writing. Follow What You… Continue reading Getting Out of a No-writing Spell