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Being Part of a Writer’s Critique Group

What is a Writer’s Critique Group? Today I decided it was high time that I write about writer critique groups. A writer critique group is when a group of writers – usually at least three people, often 5-10 – get together to share their writing. The group usually meets weekly, monthly, or every other week.… Continue reading Being Part of a Writer’s Critique Group

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The Fast Track Writing Course

Holidays…or Horrible Days? Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, if you celebrate it, and that you’re excited and revving up for 2017. Our topic today is a fantastic course that my friend heads up. But first, I want to just do some holidays talk. Personally, I feel excited about 2017.… Continue reading The Fast Track Writing Course

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What is pretentious writing?

So pretentious! When I was in college, a friend and I would sometimes compare our creative writing classes with each other’s. We would discuss what makes a good critique, our stories, and classmates’ stories. Being foolish young adults, we sometimes even mocked our classmates’ writing for being “too pretentious”. So what is it? But what… Continue reading What is pretentious writing?

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Fantasy isn’t just Escape

Studying Writing About Tough Topics There are endless books to capture the tougher things in life, because life is generally tough, and people write about life, don’t they? But some books capture the tougher things in life better than others. Even fantasy! Some would say that fantasy, the genre that is my very favorite, is… Continue reading Fantasy isn’t just Escape