Writing Short Stories

Hi everybody, I haven't been very active this year. Life has been crazy. I have a lot of things I'm trying to figure out. But, there's one thing I finally have figured out: Shorts It's about time I really start writing short stories. Why? First of all, they don't take as long to write as… Continue reading Writing Short Stories


The Madonna Breaks…A Reflection on Outlander 2.7

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outlander-2x07-faith-218A BROKEN MADONNA

I remember the blood most of all. The blood that wasn’t supposed to be there. The blood that was too much. The blood that wouldn’t stop. I remember lying on a sterile table in a cold sterile room surrounded by strangers. I stared up at the operating room lights and tried not to feel as I heard their efforts to clean my womb. I remember the pain that did not result in joy and always the child that would only live in corners of my soul.

Last week, in my look ahead to episode 7, I discussed miscarriage http://wp.me/p57847-o0A.  I talked of statistics, grief, and guilt. My readers told me their stories of loss and lingering sorrow. My own story resulted in the decision to not have more children, but they told me of bravely trying again and as a result, finally experiencing the joy of…

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Which Creative Season Are You In?

What is a Creative Season? Yesterday I read this article by Victoria Fry about creative seasons, and it got my wheels turning. First of all though, you're probably wondering what a creative season is. Like the four seasons of each year, each creative season represents a certain stage in our writing process. For example, right… Continue reading Which Creative Season Are You In?