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“Sometimes Writer’s Block = Depression”

Hello, friends! My apologies for not posting yesterday, on Wednesday. I had a rough day, and am still somewhat going through it. But, I will be posting again on Wednesdays as usual, starting next week. In addition to reviewing After Dark by Haruki Murakami, who we discussed in another post, I'm going to be reviewing… Continue reading “Sometimes Writer’s Block = Depression”

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A Piece of History

Hello everyone, Today I'm sharing a snippet of my own writing, a piece of history, if you will. Currently I'm working on a YA historical novel set during the American Civil War era, as well as researching publishing a poetry chapbook the traditional way. If you have any ideas or resources, let me know! 1850s… Continue reading A Piece of History

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2020 inspiration; writing historical fiction

FEELING INSPIRED IN 2020 Hello everyone, I hope your 2020 is going well. Recently, I've been feeling quite inspired. After a long time of struggle with my novel revision on my epic fantasy novel, (epic as in the genre, not tooting my own horn), I've finally got back in the game. Somehow, ideas have been… Continue reading 2020 inspiration; writing historical fiction

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Character Motivations and Emotions

Thought of the Week How do you feel a character's emotions and motivations? How do you write them well? Personal Recently I had someone in my monthly writing group point out a bad bit of plotting and a major character motivation issue, all in chapter 4, the chapter where I feel my book really gets… Continue reading Character Motivations and Emotions