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Slap some Mystical into Your Writing!

What is Mystical? Dictionary.com defines mystical as: of or relating to supernatural agencies, affairs, occurrences, etc. Have you ever thought about slapping some mystical into your writing? I confess that I never really did, until now. Obviously, I’m writing fantasy, so going on hikes and visiting little circles of mushrooms, known by some as ‘faerie… Continue reading Slap some Mystical into Your Writing!

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What is pretentious writing?

So pretentious! When I was in college, a friend and I would sometimes compare our creative writing classes with each other’s. We would discuss what makes a good critique, our stories, and classmates’ stories. Being foolish young adults, we sometimes even mocked our classmates’ writing for being “too pretentious”. So what is it? But what… Continue reading What is pretentious writing?


Opinion VS Fact & the Death of Journalism

It’s one thing to express one’s opinion…and it’s another thing to downright insult somebody, by accident or unintentionally, right? Today this has come up for me in life. It all began with a college newspaper article about a group in my town that sells $5 homemade, cooked meals. They have a food distribution center, which… Continue reading Opinion VS Fact & the Death of Journalism