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Eco Village / Plain Living and High Thinking

Originally posted on The Hare Krishna Movement:
There has been an ongoing discussion here at New Vrindaban about the possibility of establishing a Vedic or Eco Village, where people would be able to live simply, and practice Krishna Consciousness. Establishing cottage industries based on agriculture, dairy, arts and crafts, etc., and living a more earth…

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Top 10 Blogs For Writers In 2015…Or Are They?

I think it’s a little odd to do the top 10 for 2015 when 2015 just started…and I am also sad to see Writer Unboxed not make the list!… Nevertheless…these blogs do look pretty darn fantastic! I look forward to thoroughly exploring each and everyone of them. Here is the top 10 according to WritetoDone:… Continue reading Top 10 Blogs For Writers In 2015…Or Are They?