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Dream Journals for Inspiration

Good morning all, I am late yet again! I am so sorry to be posting on a Thursday, and I will keep trying to be better and post on my promised WordPress Wednesdays. I got caught up in writing, and studying Nonviolent Communication, as well as spending some virtual time with friends. Next week, I… Continue reading Dream Journals for Inspiration

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Try it out!

Dear writers and readers, As I am busy writing and working on some projects, I would like to keep today's post short. My apologies for tardiness! The time change has been difficult for me to adapt to, leaving me tired and forgetful. Have you ever done a drawing or other media art piece of a… Continue reading Try it out!

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Happy Spring! Poem a Day and Handmade Journals Fun

There's an awesome Poem a Day thing going on over at the Writer's Digest website! Check the newest one out here. I'm thinking of getting in on it, myself. I want to write more poetry! Does anyone have anything to share about making scrapbooks or journals? I'm excited, because I saw some beautiful hand-made journals… Continue reading Happy Spring! Poem a Day and Handmade Journals Fun

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Slap some Mystical into Your Writing!

What is Mystical? Dictionary.com defines mystical as: of or relating to supernatural agencies, affairs, occurrences, etc. Have you ever thought about slapping some mystical into your writing? I confess that I never really did, until now. Obviously, I'm writing fantasy, so going on hikes and visiting little circles of mushrooms, known by some as 'faerie… Continue reading Slap some Mystical into Your Writing!