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Poetry Inspirations – Rupi Kaur

Contemporary Poet – Rupi Kaur Today, I’d like to share something from contemporary poet Rupi Kaur. She exploded onto the market a few years back, in 2014, with her collection Milk and Honey. Since, she has gone on to publish other collections. She is renowned for articulating the feminine experience and for being an outspoken… Continue reading Poetry Inspirations – Rupi Kaur

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Being Part of a Writer’s Critique Group

What is a Writer’s Critique Group? Today I decided it was high time that I write about writer critique groups. A writer critique group is when a group of writers – usually at least three people, often 5-10 – get together to share their writing. The group usually meets weekly, monthly, or every other week.… Continue reading Being Part of a Writer’s Critique Group

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Seeking A Foreign Guest Post About Writing

Guest Blog Post Extravaganza! Hi everyone, Today I was thinking it would be extremely fun to have a guest post from a foreign writer on my blog. By ‘foreign’ I mean anyone who is not a citizen of the United States; I do not mean a person has to speak a language other than English.… Continue reading Seeking A Foreign Guest Post About Writing

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A Depressed Writer Day

  A Big Shout-Out Today was a weird day for me, writing and “In Real Life”. But before I get to that gunk, I want to do a big, joyous, arm-flinging SHOUT OUT!! To my wonderful, new, shiny and squiggly 39 new followers…I wish I could do a shout-out post for all of you. Alas,… Continue reading A Depressed Writer Day