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Try it out!

Dear writers and readers,

As I am busy writing and working on some projects, I would like to keep today’s post short. My apologies for tardiness! The time change has been difficult for me to adapt to, leaving me tired and forgetful.

Have you ever done a drawing or other media art piece of a scene or character from one of your stories?

If you haven’t, maybe try it out! It could be inspiring!

My second question is:

Have you tried working on more than 1 story at once, when you bump up against a difficult scene in your Work-In-Progress?

I’ve been doing this lately, and found that it helps me! Rather than hitting a rut and not writing, I just hop over to the next story, and the words come out! And if that doesn’t work, I hop to another. Right I am working on 2 others, in addition to my historical novel I started for NaNoWriMo 2020.

Please, answer in the comments! Share a bit of your experience, not just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I am excited to see your responses!

Featured image for this post is a comic strip by Sarah Andersen. I highly recommend checking out her website. She always makes me laugh!

Until next time,


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