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Discovering Writer Marge Piercy

My fellow writers and readers,

I’m always very excited when I get to discover a new writer! Today we’re discovering poet, feminist, and novelist Marge Piercy. Born in 1936, she is a New York Times bestseller known for her frank biographical writings, her writing about social concerns, and her unabashed upholding of women’s rights. She’s written roughly 20 novels and 20 poetry collections! You can find out more about her here.

Marge Piercy, 1936-

The piece that I stumbled upon that really struck me, was her description of the purpose of her writing, found here. It goes:

[Her writing purpose] ‘is simply that readers will find poems that speak to and for them, will take those poems into their lives and say them to each other and put them up on the bathroom wall and remember bits and pieces of them in stressful or quiet moments. That the poems may give voice to something in the experience of a life has been my intention. To find ourselves spoken for in art gives dignity to our pain, our anger, our lust, our losses. We can hear what we hope for and what we most fear in the small release of cadenced utterance.’

Marge Piercy

I really, REALLY love this quote. Why?

It resonates deep within my writer soul, encapsulating and explaining what I aspire to do as a writer. I want people to carry my stories and poetry with them, because it affected them or helped them. To read a book of mine and say about a character, “Their story is like mine.” To get help in a stressful or sad moment by remembering a scene or poetry line I wrote, like Piercy says. That would be so fulfilling!

It’s a way of helping others, to articulate my truth, and have others see, “Oh, that’s my truth too.” Not all of us will have identical truths, of course, but if some piece of mine can be echoed and in some piece of another person’s…it’s this deep, beyond-words sort of connection.

The quote also resonates with me as a reader. Because I’ve found that certain pieces of writing, especially scriptural writings, affect me, and I carry them with me. They help my heart when I’m feeling sad or discouraged, or they lift me up even higher when I’m feeling happy. Sometimes they help me realize things that I need to change or do in life, and that helps my life journey to progress, helps me to “level up”, so to speak.

So that’s why I loved Marge Piercy’s quote, and so much so that I’m awaiting a book of hers from the library now. I’ll let you know what I think. Please share:

  • Did this quote by Marge Piercy resonate with you? Why or why not?
  • Is there an author that inspired you with a piece of their writing, as a writer or as a reader?

I’m excited to hear what you all think!

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Until next time,


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