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Writing with Music

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope the year has been treating you and your pen and paper well, so far. Today I’d like to talk about music while writing.

Do you like to write with music? Why or why not? Is there certain music that really inspires you to write and write, and other music that makes you dry up and not know what to write next?

For me, I usually always like to have music on in the background. Lately, lofi helps me to write, because it helps me to feel calm, and there are no words to distract me from the words flowing from my keyboard onto the page. However, a teenage daughter of my friend just convinced me to check out BTS, the famous K-Pop band (oh no! lol). So, I am listening to sad foreign songs while writing, today. What new thing might it spark in my writing? We’ll see!

While researching writing and music, I found that many writers like to have music on in the background. Others, not so much, and others still, used to write in silence but then found that music did help them write! Some writers even make soundtracks for their novels, and I find that so fun and intriguing! I’d like to research it more and return with a follow-up post about it soon.

What if we listened to these authors’ soundtracks while reading their novels? Maybe it would enrich our experience of the book! If you’ve ever done this as a reader, please tell me! It sounds like a fun experiment, I’d like to know how it went for you.

Here are some stories from famous writers about their experiences writing with music:

This article taught me that Stephen King writes to heavy metal, specifically Metallica. I found this funny and fun! Also…it kindof makes sense. To enter into the strange, eerie worlds and disturbed minds that he creates, no wonder King has to listen to heavy sounds.

Let me know your thoughts and what your favorite writing music or environment is, in the comments below!

Until next time,


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