Down in the Bog

A Little Break

I have to confess, I’ve been feeling quite bogged down. National Novel Writing Month is almost over, and I still only have about 15k words of my novel done. The election drags on. Friends who don’t believe in the virus insist that my 2 weeks of hellish experience were “just the flu”. Everyone argues in my community, and I feel surrounded and yet simultaneously alone.

Yet, the writing must go on.

(Featured art is “Swamp House” by Robert Ryminiecki).

I have taken 2-3 days’ break, once I hit the 7-day mark. Now it’s too late to achieve that 14-day badge. But, my hope is that even if I don’t hit 50,000 words, I’ll keep writing. (According to the stats page on my NaNo 2020, I’ll hit 50,000 words by December 31 if I keep going as I am! haha, end of year sounds OK to me).

I lost hope of catching up this past weekend. Originally my plan was to write 6,000 words between Saturday and Sunday. There was a festival at a house, which I only attended due to Covid immunity. Arguments broke out and utterly soured my mood, so even though I’m recovered from Covid, I just couldn’t sit down and write.

In order to protect myself from all the toxicity, it seems I must be a turtle and go into my shell.

Keep Going!

I am getting to the part of my story that is difficult: History! Beforehand I was introducing my characters, setting etc.

But I have given up far too many times on my other novels, when I felt discouraged. Then, I felt sad for giving up, and this sadness would stop me from writing. So now I’m determined to not let that happen. I’m going to continue writing, starting today. I’m going to try to write as many pages as possible on my NaNo 2020 each day, so that, maybe, just maybe, I can magically reach that 50k words goal by the end of November.

If you are working on a NaNo 2020, I wish you luck! And how is yours going now?

Until next time,


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