National Novel Writing Month

The Writing Must Go On!

Always prepare for the unexpected

Well, well…here I am. I didn’t expect that my National Novel Writing Month project would be T-boned by Covid-19…but such it is. I started feeling symptoms on October 27th but I thought it was just a cold/regular flu, because on Thursday the 29th I felt totally better! I even went back to work…fortunately I work alone at my office currently, but I hope I didn’t infect any visitors to my workplace.

On October 31st, morning, I felt an extremely high feverish feeling but couldn’t find my thermometer. I felt like I would throw up! It was time to get tested.

Testing results took 5 days to come back, because this IS Florida…my fiance and I have been in bed and resting for days now. We are SO SO fortunate to have loving friends and family, and they even sent us supplements!

My fiancé had a mild case at first, congestion only, fever for one day. Then he started getting a cough, which got worse. For me, I felt bad ever since the 31st and experienced fever off and on, severe sore throat pain, extreme fatigue, congestion, a dry cough, etc. My legs felt weak when I walked down stairs. I had brain fog. I could barely stand up in the shower. And I’m only in my 30s!

9 days in and we’re finally feeling a bit better. Yesterday we walked to the mailbox with masks and distanced. The day before, our adventure was taking out the trash. We even got some Mario Party in! Every day we take Vitamin C, D3, K2, Zinc, and many other natural medicines such as wheatgrass, colloidal silver, manuka honey, and more. It’s been a journey!

Are you writing at home?

Regaining Momentum

Now I’m back, and I’m going to try to regain the momentum I had with planning and writing my novel for NaNoWriMo 2020. I’ve got 3,712 words so far – about 6 pages. I’m behind by another 6 pages, since my goal was to write 3 pages/day, and I did 0 writing on Tuesday or Wednesday. (My 3,712 words, 6 pages was a head-start I got in October; those subbed in for November 1-2 when I was super sick this past Sunday and Monday and also didn’t write).

Here’s for writing 6 pages in one day – no, 9! If I want to catch up to my goal to write 3 pages/day and reach 50,000 words by the end of November!

For my fellow NaNo writers, I wish you luck! And inspiration! May you quiet your Inner Editor and get time to write. Don’t forget to rest, eat, and drink lots of water! I know that’s what I’ll be doing most of the time, what with Covid still in my system.

What tools help keep your writing brain rolling?

Tell me about your NaNo projects, WriMos! Are they going well? Started slowly? Still looking for Pinterest inspiration (or “Pinspiration”)? Please share in the comments! Also, if you care to answer either of the question under the pictures in my post, please do!

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “The Writing Must Go On!

  1. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better. Covid sucks, big time! It took me almost three or four months before I felt that I was “back” among the living. Hubby had a milder case… and, we sadly believe our kitty contracted it from us. She died. Life has not been the same without our little Maryjane. I’ve lost over 200 family and friends to this stinking pandemic. The loss is almost too much to bear. I was looking forward to Nano to take my mind off of it… so, of course, the main piece I’m working on “the braid” so to say is sci fi an deals with pandemic. I started writing it about say 35 or so years ago. I wrote it “serial fashion” for my son and his brother… it changed and grew as they did. Now, I’m going back and virtually starting from scratch on that text (Over 2000 pages worth, across 38 novel length books). To say it’s a challenge… might be an understatement. It’s both easier and more difficult than trying to get this Christian Rom genre under my belt. Romance without flagrant sex… where the plot is more important than getting to the next sexual encounter… totally different from today’s modern roms.

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    1. I am so sorry for your losses! That is a heavy burden to bear. Covid-19 just bulldozed its way into all of our lives, and she doesn’t seem to want to let go just yet. I pray that soon a cure can be found, or at least a vaccine we take yearly like the flu vaccine, so that we can feel safe again. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your cat, as well! Thank you for the kind wishes for my recovery.

      I hope that by writing, you get to feel some healing, and can put some of your grief into the story, to help get it out. It sounds like quite the complex project! I can see how it would be overwhelming. Piece by piece, right? Maybe if you focus on what must come to get the characters to the end, and on what message you want to communicate, then it will be less daunting of a project.

      At least you are tackling it, right? That’s good to get an old project out of the drawer!

      The Christian romance sounds adorable and fun. We need more wholesome romance out there! I would totally read it.

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