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2020 inspiration; writing historical fiction


Hello everyone,

I hope your 2020 is going well.

Recently, I’ve been feeling quite inspired. After a long time of struggle with my novel revision on my epic fantasy novel, (epic as in the genre, not tooting my own horn), I’ve finally got back in the game. Somehow, ideas have been flowing through me as to what changes need to be made to plot, what needs to happen to bring certain changes in my characters, and how the ending needs to be tweaked here and there.

I am very excited to be working on this novel again. Part of what, I think, inspired me, was watching a video where the creators of the Lord of the Rings films honour Tolkien and talk about his life. Thinking about how long he took to write his masterpiece encourages me in revising my book; if it took him so long to write, and it’s Tolkien, then there is nothing wrong with me taking a long time. Sometimes, that’s just how it is. As long as I’m feeling inspired, why worry over time?


It also helps that a few ideas for a new novel have percolated into my brain. For once, I’m thinking of writing a non-magical fiction, one set in real history. I am not sure what era I want to set it in, but perhaps American Civil War. It will be a tale of two sisters, I know that, with some family drama and conflict. There will be romance somewhere in there. And part of the book will be characters’ letters to each other. That’s some of what I know so far.

So, that is exciting, too. For I love research! Writing historical fiction requires a lot of research. Previously I found the thought daunting, but now, it enlivens me. I will get to find out so many interesting things about people and places in history. And, perhaps being stuck to set rules of writing historical fiction, without the “anything, everything” of magic being a factor, will help me rest my mind.

Rest is so important. I have been trying to get more aware of my health in 2020 so far, and I think this mental rest, times of no to-do lists, has helped the creative juices flow through me.

My posts here will not be as often, for I am busy writing and researching. But, I’d still like to share poetry, and other works that inspire me, as well as articles and items I find on the technique and process of writing.

THE GREAT BOOK OF AMBER, Book Recommendation

Currently, I am reading a fantastic book, the first of the 10 “The Great Book of Amber” novels, by Roger Zelazny. It is a sort of battle for the throne fantasy novel, so far, with some very intriguing, unique magics. Check it out!

Until next time,


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