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Wishes – A Poem

Missing you today
On the day you passed away
Wish you could have stayed
Even a little bit more

Wish you could have seen
Who I might have been
With you by my side
Through wax ‘n waning tides

Buffeted by the wind
Through the thick and thin
How I would have grown
With your guidance shone

But the growing’s not through
As I try to be true
To the values you gave
In my heart, they’re saved

Finding little lights
Through the darkest nights
I wander down a long road
With mantra as my goad

Looking to the light
I wish I had the sight
To weather all the things
For which I don’t have wings

Past and Future on either side
How Time flied
When we were together
Kindred souls tethered

I try to connect to love
From within and above
As I walk my meandering way
Taking it day by day

When I think on you I remember
To keep kindled the kindness ember
To know that the best things don’t cost
To stay in guidance, or be lost

I miss your laughter and your smile
They were the best days, for a while
May you reside at Their lotus feet
And again once more, we’ll meet

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