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Poetry Inspirations – Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur

Contemporary Poet – Rupi Kaur

Today, I’d like to share something from contemporary poet Rupi Kaur. She exploded onto the market a few years back, in 2014, with her collection Milk and Honey. Since, she has gone on to publish other collections. She is renowned for articulating the feminine experience and for being an outspoken feminist.

From Anonymous to Not a Mouse

One thing that really struck me about her story is how, at the beginning, Kaur was sharing her work anonymously. Then, in 2013, she began sharing it with her real name on Tumblr. Then, in 2014, she took Instagram by storm, and included illustrations along with her poetry.

I was struck by how, maybe, at first, this artistic, creative person was shy. Maybe she was scared. Maybe, she did not know how to share her work, or even if she wanted to. Many of us creatives might be struggling with such fears. But just see, she became successful; so can we.

Using Social Media to Our Advantage

Also, I find it interesting that she broke out via social media. It is such a powerful way that we can connect and communicate. These days I see it decried in many comics; the world seems to say that technology is turning us into zombies, even as we keep using it. But, just see! It can help us in our creative journeys, from hiding in our shells, to blazing in glory like a newly-bloomed sunflower.

Please check out Kaur’s work, and see if it speaks to you. I know it does to me.

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