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500 words/day challenge, & a great book!

Stuck in a Cloud

I’m tired of this blog being dead. I’m tired of not writing. Yes, I’m scared; nervous; anxious. Yes, I don’t believe I can do it. Writing again after such a long slump? Impossible, my Inner Editor says. But I’m going to try!

The 500 words/day Challenge!

If you’d like, try with me:

Enter the 500 words/day challenge by writer Jeff Goins

No-Tropes Fantasy Book Recommendation!

And while you’re at it, here’s a book recommendation, too!:

Sabriel, by Garth Nix


That’s what I’m reading now. It’s excellent fantasy, and also great YA. Please check it out! Especially if you are a fantasy fiction reader. It is different than many other fantasy books out there. The world and magic style Nix created is very unique. It satisfied my need for unique fantasy fiction with no repetitive, dull tropes.

Don’t sigh over another trope. Go read this book! It’s about a young girl who uses necromantic magic for good, but when her father goes missing, she has to leave school and enter Death itself, on an adventure to find him. Accopanying her is a cat – or is he? – with mystical powers, and a mysterious ship-prow-figure-turned-human, who may or may not be who he says he is…

Here’s more epic cover/maps/fanart to encourage you to read it! If you’ve read it already, please – NO SPOILERS! It’s part of a trilogy and I plan to read them all. (As you can tell, I’m super excited about this!)

by Kali Ciesemier, on Picture Book Report
by Terese Nielsen
as seen on Picture Book Report
by lokelani on DeviantArt

Now, for my 500 words!

Let me know if you do the challenge, too. =) Next post: my first 500 words!

Until next time,



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