My Writing

For my father

Dad smiling_Vasquez Rocks hike 08

Hurt, but not broken

I remember you

Years of laughter in the skies

Feet trodding by the trees


We saw many sunsets

Sunrises apart

I look back to you

You have floated on


When will I remember

To live as you lived

Sky gazing, tree gazing

Heart always open


Helping and healing

You walked under trees

Under the stalactites of Crystal Cave

Watched by the sequoias


You walked into our hearts

With your eccentric ways

Shouting tree names, Hare Krishna tunes

Showing us how to love ourselves and others

Showing us what an unhesitant heart looked like


I remember you

And I miss you a lot

Thank you for the pen-spiration

Your loving way is my aspiration


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