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Tarot and Writing: 1

Hi everyone!

Today I’ll talk about writing in relation to tarot card reading!

I’m going to try to improve and post more frequently. Thank you to all my followers.

Using tarot as a writer

There are so many ways that we can use tarot as writers. For example we can use tarot cards to:

  • Get guidance on what to write next
  • Ask the cards questions when we’re stuck in the middle of a project
  • As inspiration for mystical concepts in our stories
  • For drawing ideas for illustrating our stories

A tarot reading for a writer

Today I decided to ask the cards for help in revising my novel. I asked for what mood I should have  going forward, and what action could I take?

Here are my results:

Mood –

The Hanged Man


The hanged man card is very interesting! At first I felt a little scared when I pulled this card, because it’s a card of huge transformation, which comes more towards the end of the Fool’s journey.

My current tarot study book, “The New Tarot Handbook” by Rachel Pollack, indicates surrender to change, tapping in to our deep values, and joyful revelation.

I really love interpreting this. What I think it means is, I have to think back on the original values that I had and wanted to bring to life in this book. I have to not worry about others’ views, and tap into that unique otherworldly perspective that is writing, being a dreamer. I have to let it flow through my fingers like a revelation, like something new, and not plan and plod too much.

I feel super encouraged by this card!

For action I got this card:

Ace of Cups


This card is about beginnings, like all aces. It is also pure energy and emotional, because it is part of the cup suit. It is a gift of healing, grace, and love. It indicates emotional and spiritual nourishment, Pollack says, and awareness. A gift given freely.

This may seem like an abstract card answer for an action question. My thought is that it means I should be sure to take care of myself. I need to give myself more of what gives me happiness, respect my writing time, and have spiritual quiet time.

Isn’t it neat to see the types of messages and help tarot cards can be for writers?


My next tarot post will be about using tarot to illustrate my book’s characters. I’m hoping this will inspire me more. I have a rough sketch and so far it’s pretty exciting!

Have any of you done tarot readings before, or been read? What mystical things do you use to motivate your own writing?

Until next time,




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