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Getting Out of a No-writing Spell

A No-writing Spell

I’m trying to get out of a no writing spell. It’s been really tough because I’m still battling writers discouragement syndrome. That’s not a real thing by the way, it’s just what I’m calling it when a writer feels discouraged and doesn’t believe in his or her own writing.

Follow What You Preach…

Today I read an article on Writer Unboxed. Usually when I read these types of articles I think how great they sound, and I might even share them, but I don’t actually use the advice given in the articles. I know that’s really silly and certainly doesn’t make this blog look good. But today, at the end of reading this article, I resolved that I’m actually going to use the advice in this article.

Some of the advice in the article may seem pretty obvious, like having a writing partner to do sprints with and do timed writing together. This makes sure that you actually get some writing done instead of just staring alone at a blank page. But I’m realizing that I need this because I’ve let myself be too alone in my writing, which is one of the reasons I’m not getting Writing done so much lately. What do you know!

A non-New-Year Resolution

So, I think I’m going to find a writer (online or off-line) who would like to do writing sprints with me and just do a little bit in the evening before I go to bed. I like to write at night; it’s when my brain comes up with the best ideas and everything is nice and quiet and I’m done with all the duties for the day, so I feel more free.

I am still working on my fantasy novel and I am still aspiring to complete all of The Artist’s Way workbook by Julia Cameron. Would anyone like to be my writing sprint partner that reads this blog? Or is anyone else out there also working through The Artist’s Way workbook?

I hope that your writing is going well and that you’re having fun reading, too.


Until next time,



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