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We don’t have to go it alone!

A Support System

Recently I realized that I don’t have a proper writing support group. Sure, I have a critique group and I submit pieces or chapters to them twice a month, we meet and give each other feedback. But that’s not enough.

To really see what I mean, look at the Acknowledgements page of any book. The author lists editors, publishing house, family, friends, beta-readers and more. All of those people helped that author to write that one, single book. Without them, the author would have been all alone.

Lonely Heart Writers

When we think we’re alone as writers, writing suddenly becomes a lot tougher. This is something I struggle with, with working on my books, and even sometimes with this blog.

Today I saw that some of my followers have been with me for a year or more. Thank you so much! Seeing that you’re still with me on this blog really makes me feel supported. Now I just have to work on developing a bigger support system offline.

Help for Your Book Baby

Now I can see that I need more people reading my drafts, being soundboards for my ideas, and sharing thoughts on my books – even in their developmental phase.

We writers don’t have to go it alone!

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