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Quick, before 2017, give me books!

I just love reading

Ever since I was very small, I’ve loved reading. I was that kid who exited the library with Mom, carrying a stack of books so tall that you could only see my eyes above it. I was the kid who got so many books out that no one thought she would read them all before they were due back at the library…but then she did, surprising everybody.

Now, at my day job, I get a lot of time for reading. Right now I’m stuck at the call center, which is absolutely not the job I want, but it gets the bills paid. In my side time, I also work as a teacher at a charter school, which is much more what I’d rather be doing. Right now, I’m still working on getting full time, permanent teacher certification.

In the meantime, I have a lot of time to read. Almost too much time! While people are hanging up on me and shouting at me to leave them alone, I’m sitting in a tiny cubicle-prison, stuck at my desk. I know, you know the feeling, right?

Us writers have trouble writing full-time, sometimes. I know I’m one of those people. But I’m working on my stories, and this blog really helps me. Let me tell you, sometimes I want to just quit writing altogether (gasp!). But knowing that all of you are out there, reading my blog, perhaps awaiting a new post, helps me to keep writing. Because if I don’t keep writing, what would I write about in this blog? Writing is what it’s about!

Today I’m thinking about 2017. And here’s something exciting about 2017 that I need some help with:

It’s around the corner…

2017 is just around the corner, and I don’t know what to read yet. Readers out there, I know you’re there. I see you clicking ‘like’. Here’s your chance to comment!

Tell me what to read in 2017!

Are there any new series or books coming out in 2017 that you really think I should read? Is there a series that has its final, epic battle happening in 2017 that I need to catch up on, fast, before the last book comes out?

YA? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Contemporary? Mystery as mysterious as Agatha Christie? Gimme it all!

I’m ready with my library card. Lay ’em on me! Bury me in books!

If you are a book review blogger, what did you read, what was the BEST? I’ve read your book reviews, and there’s just too many books. Can you narrow it down to, say, 3 books that I just HAVE to read?

Thank you again to all my followers for your continued reading of this blog. I love you guys!

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “Quick, before 2017, give me books!

  1. My 2016 recommendations:
    The Gift Legacy series by J. P. McLean
    John J. Cannon series by John W. Howell (trilogy completed)
    DCI Hatherall series by Diana J. Febry
    Love, Life, and Logic by Uday Mukerji
    Do Not Wash Hands in Plates by Barb Taub
    I hope you enjoy this selection, Chaitanya. If you are also interested in a free short story collection… 😉
    Happy New Year! 🙋

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    1. Awww wow thank you for all the recommendations! What a nice “New Year’s gift”! I would definitely be into a short story collection, too! How do I get it?

      I look forward to checking out your recommendations. Thank you! Happy New Year!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are welcome, Chaitanya. Happy reading. For the short story collection you can follow the link on one of my blogs. “In a Small Compass, Vol. 1” is available in all ebook formats (e.g. via Smashwords) – I’d be honoured.
        Happy New Year!

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