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Make Emotions Come to Life in Your Writing

I am so, so pleased to see this topic – my main topic of this blog, basically! – appear on Writer Unboxed. This post could be considered part of my series on writing your emotional truths, really, a sortof guest post, on another blog.

Here is the link: Writer Unboxed studying emotional truth.

Here are my other posts on writing your emotional truths:

Writing Your Truth(s), Part 1

On Writing Your Truth(s) – Part 2

Since I’ve written a lot about this topic, and included related subjects in my Artist’s Way posts so far (in case you haven’t seen those, they’re linked to in this post ), I think next I’m going to write about the technical stuff: writing from your brain. How can we study other writers to see what they do that works, and how can we adopt their methods to improve our own writing?

Next post: studying Brandon Sanderson to figure out how to write a great chapter 2!

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