My Writing

Feel it in your bones

When the writing is good, you feel it. “You feel it in your bones,” they might say in a story, as if good writing matches the creak we hear from our bones sometimes when we sit down, or kneel on a hard floor.

When I revised my chapter one recently for the bazillionth time, I felt in my bones. It was good writing. It wasn’t forced. Something inside of me sang to the tune of it. It rippled from me easily.

Today I met with my writer’s critique group and got it confirmed. They liked it! Even though my “bones” knew it was good, it felt good to get it confirmed. To have people outside of my life experience connect with the chapter. Finally. All the other ones were so awkward.

When I first imagined chapter one, I was on my way to school and pictured a female knight fighting a dragon. That cliche crap has long since left the story, but the spirit of a woman against adversity remains, and the concept of a magical mystery, and the idea of two very different people meeting amidst strange, dangerous circumstances.

Now that my two main characters have finally met in chapter one in a way that makes sense, maybe my bones will know how the rest of the story should be revised.

Wish me luck! I’m going to work on chapter two tomorrow.



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