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An Excerpt from My Draft


Currently I’m dabbling in a time travel romance something-or-other, when I have trouble with revising my fantasy novel, so…I decided to share a bit. Here’s a little excerpt; totally rough, mind you, and not my usual genre:

When you see a worm on your shoe and part of you wants to scrape it off – its sticky pieces cling to your fingers, but at least you can’t see its eyes – and part of you doesn’t. Because, yuck.

When you hear a voice lifted in song and you want to see who can sing that well – but at the same time, you don’t want to know who it is. What if they disappoint?

When you really have to go to the bathroom and pee, but you just can’t! Something exciting is going on!

When someone bites into a strawberry and all you can see is how their teeth are red, as if they just bit down into something bloody –

That was how I felt when I saw Sahara Tang for the first and second time. She was gorgeous. Disgusting. Frightening. Or maybe I was. Because I wanted her. No, needed. I was drawn to her somehow.

But I wasn’t supposed to want or need her, because I was a woman, and so was she. Romance between us was impossible and illegal. But she was also something else. I wasn’t sure what, yet. Vampire? Too cliché. Werewolf? Too unexpected. Alien? Been there, done that. Cyborg? Maybe. Witch? Likely.

I would like to tell you that her eyes drew me in like deep, dark pools, and that her hair flashed in the sunlight. But that would be false. She had a grey, misty gaze, which drifted everywhere and seemed unfocused. But when they did latch onto something, they held on. Like gripping a throat that you’re choking.

Her skin was pale milk, with dark moles dotting her here and there – a neck one, a collarbone one, and a secret one on her back that you could only see if she pulled her hair up. Her hair was an insane mass of black frizzy curls that fell everywhere all the time and never seemed quite brushed. Her lips were red, like Snow White, like doom. Maybe she was Snow White. Maybe that was it. She was something from a fairytale and didn’t belong here.

I wondered if anyone else felt it. How she didn’t belong.


Thanks for reading!



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