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The Artist’s Way, Week 4, Ch. 3: Realizations & Re-filling the Well

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This week’s Artist’s Way was an exciting eye-opener. It felt like getting closer to seeing the top of the mountain as you climb it.

For my artist’s date, I went to a ceramics studio and painted a bowl, which I am super excited to pick up this week! It was so relaxing to just sit for two hours amidst quiet fellow artists, silent, painting my bowl. I had no limits. I had no worries. Past and future melted away. It was just me, my paints, and my bowl.

It was SO relaxing! I felt so de-stressed after. I also felt my creativity was invigorated. It helped the rest of my week whiz by. Perhaps due to that lovely, long, respectful artist’s date, I got flashes of inspiration this weekend and started outlining my entire novel, so that I can more easily revise it.

I think there’s something getting through to me, even though I’ve missed so many morning pages in this read-through of Artist’s Way:

RESPECT. (Really tempted to spell that out and attach a YouTube video of the song here, but I won’t…hehe).


I am starting to respect my writing time again. Because of that, I’m starting to respect myself more. I love myself more when I feel inspired to write. I love writing. It really is a part of me.

This week’s artist’s date felt the most respectful and calming of all the ones I’ve done so far. It was very private (even though I was in a room with others, it was quiet), and I was really able to let the rest of the world sink away. The lack of stress and noise really helped me dive into that creative mood, to just sink into my piece, my bowl.

Sinking into my work is my favorite part of writing. Don’t you just love it when you sit down and the words flow easily, the scene makes itself clear, the characters who who they really are? It’s such an amazing feeling. I would love to hear you all describe it, because I find it tough to describe, myself.

I also really enjoyed working on my outline. I’ve got about 12 chapters outlined now. It was on a day that was sunny and breezy. I had decided to read on my back patio, but brought my notebook too, just in case. Then when I was in the bathroom (yes, LOL, no one ever talks about getting your great writing ideas on the toilet – but it DOES happen!). While there I got my ideas, and when I returned outside to my patio and notebook, they  just sortof flowed out of me for a while.

Even when the flow ebbed off, I kept going, and spoke encouraging words to myself. I wrote what happened, in scenes. I’ve never really done that before. I scribbled questions to myself in bubbles. And next, I’m going to do a chart showing how the main plot and the sub-plots weave together, so I can keep outlining the other chapters (middle arc and final arc stuff).

So my friends, if you’re thinking of reading The Artist’s Way, don’t be discouraged. It’s challenging at first, but it does get better.

This week, I’ve got some crazy tasks Cameron gave at the chapter end. We have to NOT READ ANYTHING for a whole week, so that the sludge of constant stimulus and others’ ideas can leave, and we can get ideas, aka “refill the well”, Cameron says.

from Rocky Mount Peacemakers

I’m going to try it, not reading. I know it will be, well, insane. I WILL ask someone to glance at my email for me, so I don’t miss anything super important. But I’m happy to say goodbye to Facebook for a week, I can certainly live without Twitter. The real hard part will be not reading your WordPress blogs, my fellow writers, friends and bloggers…and, of course, the awesome newsletters by Jennie Nash and other writer coaches that I love. I’ve already taken a break from Writer Unboxed so I can focus on my story and not get too hyped in just reading articles ABOUT writing, instead of actually writing.

Well, it’s late here, so I must stop. But more tales of The Artist’s Way adventures will be here in a week!

Thanks for reading,






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