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Blocked. Just…Blocked.


My friends,

My Artist’s Way journey has come to a halt this week…I haven’t been writing my morning pages…I didn’t do an artist’s date this week…and I think I figured out why (aside from starting a new day job, sigh).

I am terrified.

Why am I terrified?

Because I don’t know what my book is about. I know sortof how it ends, sure. I know the main arc of the plot, moreso than I know my characters’ arcs….main point being, I don’t know what to do with my book. I don’t know what the point is, anymore. I’m lost! Blocked!

What to do? Should I start a new thing? Work on rough drafts of new things? Work on a different book I have a draft of? Plow ahead, even in my sortof clueless state?

I pretty much know the answer already. It’s staring me in the face at every Pin about writing that I Pin to a Pinterest board, it’s there in the articles I read online…I need to find out more about my book, its message, characters, ending…everything.

For once though, I’m scared of research. Usually I love it. TO DEATH. But not this time. This time I feel blocked. How do I start scraping in more details, when I already feel I have so many to keep track of? It’s overwhelming. It’s starting to feel like homework, and making me scary and angry, instead of enthused.

It makes me feel so post this on my writing blog, when I really wanted to have another exciting post about my Artist’s Way progress. Instead, here it is this lump of black goo.

I think I’ll take a night away, just one, to think and scribble and think. Then, I’ll tackle all the hard questions tomorrow. I’ll just line up a bunch of them, like a quiz, and answer them slowly, one by one. I’ve done this before and it really worked for me.

Any tips that any of you have would be greatly appreciated, too!

Until next time,



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