10-Day Blog Makeover

Fonts, Colors, & Logo – Blog Makeover Days 3-5


Hi, all!

I hope you are having a wonderful week, even though it’s only Tuesday. I’m feeling pretty giddy for productivity this week. I’ve gotten a lot of cleaning done around the house lately, and it feels GREAT to be in a cleaner space! I’ve found that ideas for my stories are flowing quite quickly into my head, and the ideas are clearer, too. So – take note! Cleaner space equals a clear head for writing.

My topic for today is brief. If you’ve visited this blog in the past week, you may know that I am doing a 10-day blog makeover with author Daniela Uslan, the specialist on this challenge. So far I’ve solidified a blog mission statement and made a Pinterest board of what my blog would look like if it were a place.

The last few days have been spent pulling my hair and gnawing my lip (not really) over what fonts to pick for this blog, as well as what colors I prefer for it. All of this, of course, is based on the first two parts – the mission statement and the blog as place. They helped me decide what I want this blog to feel and look like.


Since my blog is a sortof library/study hall/reading nook, I chose light and airy colors that remind one of spring. I picked an artistic but simple theme that frames things prettily, to remind one of delicious books and the joys of old, fancy books.

The most recent addition to this site is the blog logo, which you can see above. I hope you like it! I tried to connect it to my blog mission statement with the heart + brain bit, and I picked colors I like that swim nicely with the background.

Tell me what you think! More coming soon, especially since I’m playing catchup.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten – I am starting my Artist’s Way posts on Friday! I had to push it one Friday back in order to complete this lovely little blog makeover. Keep your eyes out for new content, soon!

Happy writing,




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