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Blog as Place – Makeover Day 2

I am a little behind on my blog makeover, because I got the second email for Day 2 right as I was about to go to bed. So, today is technically day 4, and I’m still on day 2! Oops. Well, today I’m going to focus on Day 2 and Day 3. Day 3 is Fonts. But anyway – Day 2!

The second email from Daniela Uslan detailed how we should make a Pinterest board that would show “What your blog would look like if it were a place.”

At first I had no idea. What does my blog look like as a place? I have no idea. I know it’s not at the beach…I know it’s not at school…I know it’s not in my apartment…at first, I had to just decide what it was not.

I thought about what I want my readers to experience when they visit this blog. I want my readers to experience a feeling of wonder. I want my readers to feel like adventurers exploring a jungle that is safe but intriguing. I want that you all can read thought-provoking things – not just my posts, but the things I link to – and find points and articles that are so interesting, so helpful to your writing, or so revolutionary for you, that you just have to grab a notebook and take some notes.

So then I thought, is my blog sitting at your desk? But I realized, no. Sitting at your desk can be stressful and lonely. It can beat at you and make you feel lame as you stare at a blank page for too long. I want my blog to be more like sitting over a cup of great tea (or coffee) with a good old friend. At the same time, it’s like sitting in a window reading nook and reading a good old favorite book.

So really, I want my blog to feel like a place of discovery and familiarity at the same time. And what is that place to writers, I thought? It’s a good book. It’s a reading nook, comfy squishy, saggy, gaspy cushions and a new, unread book. It’s a library! So many new books, comfortable seats, and yet you sigh with familiar happiness as you smell the pages.

So without further ado, here is the Pinterest board for what my blog looks like as a place. I’m really happy with it. I found some great pictures online!

My blog as a place

P.S. Can you see my poll?

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