10-Day Blog Makeover!

Tomorrow I am starting the 1o-day blog makeover. This was something I discovered over on Daniela Uslan’s website, which I discovered via a great writer’s board on Pinterest. I’ve found out that Pinterest has some very juicy links to writing articles, and inspirational writing quotes. I have a whole board over on Pinterest, if you’d ever like to check it out. It’s so much fun adding more and more writing pins!

Daniela Uslan

I’m not sure what Daniela’s 10-day makeover involves, because it doesn’t start until tomorrow. But I am excited and scared! You may have noticed that I recently changed the theme of this blog twice. This is because I’ve been trying to figure out a new look for it in 2016. Not only that, but I want the overall look of the blog to be…just right.

I know “just right” is vague. I want this blog to feel like a writing blog, but I also want it to be colorful and fun. I find that a lot of themes out there related to writing are boring. They are colorless and just seem to have typewriters all over them. Yes, writing blogs are text-focused, but…I like pictures, too. They inspire me, make me laugh, and make a post exciting. A post with JUST text is not something I usually do.

I wanted to pick a more colorful theme for this blog besides this one, but…the more colorful ones were TOO colorful, TOO specific, such as mandalas, or children’s toys, etc. – they weren’t appropriate for this blog. And the ones that DID have nifty fonts or whatnot, were just the blah background, colorless ones. It’s hard to find a balance!

Perhaps if this site ever becomes a dot-com sort of thing, then I can hire an amazing graphic artist, such as a couple friends of mine, to make the site super snazzy.

Anyway for now, we’ll see what myself combined with Daniela Uslan’s 10-day makeover can do! Woohoo! I’m sure it will be great! She really knows her stuff.

Also, another announcement:

Starting this week, I am going to be reading The Artist’s Way again! I have the first post, on Chapter 1, scheduled for Friday. But I might just post it sooner, because I’m so excited about reading this book again! I might do a pre-reading post about it…tomorrow, haha!


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