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Bringing in the New Year


Whew! The holidays are almost over, and I, for one, can say I am looking forward to it. While I will miss Christmas cookies, the Christmas tree, and the overall mood of fun and good cheer, I’m excited about the new year. Personally, I hate making resolutions on-paper and such, because I find I tend to disappoint myself. But, I’ve made a few goals for myself this year, some of which have to do with writing.

One of my goals for this upcoming year is to become a teacher. I know it’s what a lot of people recommend to English majors or high school students highly interested in English. At first it seems like a very boring idea (at least it did to me). “Why teach, when I could become famous like Stephen King, etc.?” I asked them. But over the years, reality has come to play, and I’ve realized that getting into a spot that good takes a heckuva lot of time and hard work. While I am putting a lot of hard work into writing – in fact, I feel it gets harder and more involved but more exhilarating the more I write – I know that being Stephen King #2 just isn’t practical on my list right now. And it isn’t even ON my list anymore, in case you’re wondering.


Teaching is a wonderful way to share what you have with people. And, really, writing is another way we share what we have and who we are with people. One friend of mine even said that, in his opinion, writers are actually writing about different versions of themselves. At first I thought this made us sound arrogant, but then I thought about it, and, let’s face it guys…it’s sortof true, isn’t it?

We write what’s close to our hearts, and that’s what makes us, us – not our skin, not our hair, not our words or our possessions – it’s what’s in the heart that makes us each individuals. So in a way, when we write what we deeply want to, or feel deeply, or what we just need to know more about – we are writing different versions of ourselves.

Of course, I have writing goals for the new year. One of them is to finish my fantasy novel. I previously had an earlier deadline for it, but had some realizations that mean I need more time for it.


But enough about me – what are some of your goals for the new year? How do you feel about it being 2016 soon? Do you usually make writing goals, or any goals, or just leave it up to fate?

Until next time (and possibly, next year! =)  ),


P.S. I may change the theme for this blog for the new year…wheee! Also, is “bringing in the new year” supposed to be a phrase reserved for *after* the new year is already here? Phrase experts, please reply…


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