Feeling Inspired

I would like to give a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thanks out there to all of my followers! I was just looking over the WordPress “insights” page for this blog’s data. This blog has had followers for seven months! Yaaaay!


I hope to do a big special post when the one-year anniversary of Itchy Fingers is here!

I am so glad that people are enjoying this blog. When I started out I wasn’t sure what to do with it; was I going to post about my writing, books I was reading, or what? I initially made it to accompany my work-in-progress website, At Her Desk. Then, suddenly, this website became more of my focus. I realized that this website is more of what I want from a website – it doesn’t just talk about me and my work. It lets me talk about what I have learned in writing, what I’m still studying, and why the writing craft remains so interesting and worthwhile to me (even while it can be difficult). I also get to share my own writing – but I find that that isn’t half as interesting to me as sharing with all of you the discoveries I’ve made.

I will talk more about my discoveries when this blog hits the one-year mark. But I just wanted to say, wow, everyone. Thank you so much! Here’s a cheesy quote pic that says how I feel, a little:


This inspiration has made me decide that, for all this loyalty, I really should post more! From now on, I’m going to try and go back to my schedule of posting once a week. I’ve chosen Friday for my posting day.

Also, one quick announcement – I am now embarking on a project. It’s an as-of-yet unnamed magazine, for and by creative people. The idea behind it is to support the unvoiced creatives who have been shoved to the side, the underdogs who have been labeled “weird” in “real life” and who seem to struggle finding somewhere to belong. For those people, I am creating this magazine. More about it later…..

Right now it’s still just an idea. I’m still assembling a team of people who can help me. But let’s just say, once the magazine is up and running – we’re thinking a digital newsletter sort of thing for starters, before aiming for print copies – all of you are in for gifts for your kind loyalty and continued interest in this blog.


See you all on Friday!

– Chaitanya




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