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Lovely Old Books, Part 1

This post is going to be sadly cut short because I am have some drawing to work on, and writing…my room mate has been helping me to get back into drawing. I used to be pretty decent at drawing portraits, if I do say so myself. I’ve joined Pinterest and found some good pictures that inspire me in my writing, so…they beg to be drawn. I’m hoping eventually I’ll get good enough to be able to draw my own characters! I know, I know….so narcissistic of me!

Anyway, lovely old books. I’ve been looking up old book editions lately. You see, when I moved out here to Florida from California, they lost a big box of my books in shipping. It’s really sad. I’ve lost my entire hardback Harry Potter series that I bought at their midnight releases, but not only that, my old, beaten-up, overly-read 1972 editions of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Travesty, right?

That’s what I said. So I set out to see how much they are online. Found a decent set of all 4 for $30, which I am considering purchasing. I am still hoping that Greyhound will find my box of books within their 90-day time period, though. Waiting, for now.

Anyway so looking at these beautiful old editions, and realizing when I lost them – wow! 1972! What a gem! It made me curious about other old editions. I started first with other editions of Tolkien’s main books, and now I’ve edged out to looking at other old books.

They are beautiful. The covers aren’t all glossy and plastic like they are nowadays; they are textured and chipped and sometimes plain, but…somehow they feel more alive in your hands. Like the debate of e-book or Kindle VS a real book – everyone always says, the real books just feel better to hold and carry around. But what about new book versus old? These older editions, people really took a lot of time to make the cover art, and didnt just slap a photo or some photoshop on there (I’m sorry, but I see that a lot these days and it just doesn’t impress me!). I like a good ol’ painting over that any day.

Also, the lettering. Sometimes the letters are gold colored, or inlaid into the cover itself. It’s gorgeous.

What’s more, these old books have lovely pages that are many colors and not just pure white, and they have that lovely old book smell!

I have a lot more to say, but my drawing appointment approaches, and I want to do some research and find some more images. Then, I’ll post about this again.

Until next post,



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