Fearing Your Readers, Part 1

This is a nifty article I found on beloved Writer Unboxed, on a topic that I find both intriguing and terrifying: readers, and what they think of my writing!

Here is the article, to set your brain off on that thread. More posts on this topic later! Also, an informal review of Steven Hely’s comedic fiction, How I Became A Famous Novelist.

Who’s Afraid of Reader Analytics?


5 thoughts on “Fearing Your Readers, Part 1

  1. Great article, thanks for sharing.
    I was a mess before hitting the ‘Publish’ button for the first time, ‘stage fright’ stayed with me quite a while. One day, I decided that everything is fine if there is at least one reader enjoying my writing. 😉
    Have a fab weekend.


    1. Hi Karen, thanks for commenting! I always love to hear other writers’ experiences. I think we all have times where the thought of the person “on the other end” of the writing can paralyze us with fear…but like you said, we just have to decide to not think like that, and then, it’s all okay in the end. We realize there isn’t so much reason to fear. Hope you have a great weekend, too! =)

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