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The Crazy, Starving, Disorganized Writer

This is me right now. Crazy, starving and disorganized.

From Sharon’s Super Secret Eden Blog

I’ll have a moment where I’m totally in the writing, sweetly diving in, getting all these great ideas…zoning out, like the lady in the above picture…

And then I’m like this the next day:




Not a word left in me. Dry. Sad. Going crazy because I can’t write a single page. There are reasons, I tell myself, for being dried up, such as:

  • I’m moving to Florida in 2 weeks
  • I have to get rid of a bunch of belongings to move. This is both terrifying and glorious!
  • I’ve been living up on top of a mountain for 4 months. It’s beautiful, yes, but…seeing the same thing every day? And it’s stinking hot California, to boot? I might need some new scenery right about now.
  • Life. Just…life. People. Arguments. That droning TV sound in the background. Other people’s drama. Car problems. You name it!

Anyway, I’m also this writer:

from Nerd Wallet

Because. You know. Sometimes revising just SUCKS.

And then, of course, we can’t forget the stereotype: starving writer/artist/creative free person singing “la la la” in the corner:

From Romilade’s blog

Anyway, the point of all this is…I have not been able to update this blog, and it makes me really sad. Other points of this blog post should be some inspiring interview or quote where we all come together as writers, sigh and hold hands, and say to ourselves:

“You are amazing. You can do anything. Listen to your soul. I can earn money writing. I can be organized. I am the smartest, best writer on the planet.”

Haha! Right? New age yahoo!

But. Just not feeling that right now. Just missing my writing time and hating moving. I know I should adjust my writing schedule, put in my daily even though life is hectic right now. But instead I’m just being lazy, and it comes and goes in spurts, and I can’t wait to be in my new home in Florida with a nicer, bigger writing desk and all my things organized.

(on that note, have any of you seen Poppin? *DROOL*! I want all of those little colorful doo-dads for my desk!)

I guess this post is just going to be one of those sad little “Just life” posts. I wanted it to be inspiring, but now it’s lunch time so…the leaving bell rings.

Ah! Here we go. Here is a quote that will enliven me, you, and anyone else who’s having a disorganized, crazy, starving writer time:

All things must pass.

– George Harrison album


All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us.

– Gandalf the Grey


Hope that leaves you with a feeling akin to eating a chocolate chip cookie! “Yummm!” and, “I want more!”

Since I’m going to try and keep posting regardless of the craziness, I won’t say “see you when I’m in Florida,” which might be more realistic. But who cares for realism, right? I’m a writer!

See you in a week,



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