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Four Tips For Inspired Writing

Okay, update, y’all. I have so many topics I want to write on for this blog, my mind is getting jumbled! Right now I’m busy doing a week-long volunteering gig that I do once a year, so there’s not been a lot of time to write. I love the volunteering, but I also really miss my writing. Especially since lately, I’ve been reading The Artist’s Way and have felt more inspired in my writing. I dived back into my WIP fantasy novel and started being able to look at it objectively, and edited a couple chapters.

I look forward to getting back into it! So, I’m having a bit of a “waaah!” baby crying moment here.

For now though, I wanted to share a little bit about having a great writing space. I’ve been in the process of moving but it has really made a difference to continually be adding and improving to it.

First, I made sure I have a decent desk with at least enough space for my computer and my papers. It’s a tiny desk, but it does the job.

Property of Genealogy in Time

(On a side note, while searching for the above image I found a website about designing your perfect writer’s desk! *squee*! No guarantee that it’s good though, but here).

Second, have your filing cabinet/shelf of writing books/paper organizers close at hand, for when you get an amazing idea to put that great scene from chapter two into chapter five, etc. and need to find your printout of chapter two. It’s awful – and I speak from personal experience – to have a great idea and not be able to find a working pen, or notes you need, etc.

Thirdly, and this is the main revelation I’ve had recently – make your space pleasant, encouraging, and inspiring. Julia Cameron recommends putting a collage up with pictures that are relevant to your current work. I also saw some good examples of this from writers on Twitter, for example, one writer put up pictures of old Victorian houses that inspire her for the setting of her book.

By inspirational things, I mean things like:

  • A page of positive affirmations, or, to get even more specific, creativity affirmations
  • Some art that inspires you to be creative, or keep going even when you don’t feel encouraged
  • Quotes from famous authors
  • Decorative little doo-dads – I saw a great wooden carving with the word “creative” with pretty swirls and hearts, at a farmer’s market recently.

Maybe not quite *this* involved…and not in your bedroom, either. Best to give writing it’s own space!

Fourthly, it’s very important to have a quiet space that is private. I know this idea is very obvious, a total “DUH!”, but sometimes it is hard to manage it with kids, school, work, and other obstacles taking away your personal time, energy, and sometimes space, too. Not that dedicating good time to any of those is bad, of course not, but having a private space can make all the difference!

Over and out,


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