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Tidbits of Inspiration

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Oh, dear. It has happened again! I have taken more than week to update this blog. Darn it! Well, my friends *cheers*, to better scheduling from now on.

But this post is not about scheduling. It is about tidbits of inspiration.

Sometimes we get tidbits of inspiration from watching people in the cafe at our local mall. Sometimes it’s the stranger’s dog sniffing at our butts on our morning walk. Sometimes it’s that weird TV commercial that you hate, showing again in the middle of your favorite show. Sometimes it’s a new hobby or experimental project – in cooking, a new sewing habit, crochet, scrap-booking, skiing, kayaking, something else…

The list of little things that can inspire us in our writing could go forever.

That’s what’s so lovely about it. Virtually anything can contain a spark which is the spark for an entire story….indeed, an entire novel, or chapbook….perhaps your debut one.

Recently I found a crochet beginner’s kit at a thrift store in my neighboring town. I’ve started a little project with it now – a trial period; it might not even be a real project – but just that thing alone has me thinking in my writing differently. It has me thinking on what little side project and things and ideas my character might like that aren’t part of their main lives. These little things are important to them, though. So I like to know what they are.

Another opener for your idea can is a hobby that brings you out into nature. For example, I like to hike. My brothers like mountain biking, kayaking and kiting. Going out in nature can be such a huge catalyst for a grand writing idea. It can help you iron out the kinks in your work-in-progress. Just try it. See what happens. I know it’s helped me.

By Get Reading, UK

Sometimes we get so caught up. We think that the only way to write is to sit down in front of the computer in front of a blank page, and expect words to come. But sometimes they don’t come. Then we get depressed and think, “I’m not a writer after all. Everyone thinks they can write a book. I should do something else.” Perhaps we majored in business or psychology or biology in college. We think we should stop the fantasy of writing and get back to reality.

No, I say. Wait! Writing is not just the times when you blast out 5,000 words a day. It’s also the times when you sit in front of the page and feel frozen. During those times, you do have options. Go take a walk in nature. Talk to other writers. Act out the scene you’re struggling with. Start a tidbit of inspiration going! Pick up a new hobby, go to a new place – do something that sparks an “ooh, different” voice inside of you. Trust me. That will get the ball rolling!

Having had that breath of fresh air, you can come back to your desk, porch chair, or beach recliner with your notebook/iPad/laptop and….write. Again. Yes. You can keep going. It just helps to have a new view thrown in sometimes.

There’s a lot more I can say on this topic, but for now it’s late and I have to rest. I hope you all have a fruitful second half of the week, and happy writing!

What do you do to find inspiration when writing is slow?

– Chaitanya


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