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Aoife Reilly: “In the betwixt and between”

The Poem Between -- Essays by Tom D'Evelyn

At her website “Poethead” Christine E. Murray provides the reader with surprises from well known and less well known poets. Murray, herself an outstanding poet, has remarkable taste. She picks poems that help us see poetry as embedded in reality, in “material” reality, poems that are somehow already a part of that contingent reality. She picks poems that bear witness to reality as a massive complex of communicating dimensions, which include the poet but do not “depend” causally on the poet. Materialism bears witness to transcending moments of understanding. Thus her curatorship gives weight to a new paradigm for poetry.

I have never heard of Aoife Reilly. I can’t even pronounce her name; I live in New Hampshire USA and depend on Christine Murray to broaden my world! Reilly’s poems (click on the URL given at the bottom of this entry for more than the one discussed here) dwell in…

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