My Writing

A Snippet

Wow, another post the same day! This is unusual for me. I wanted to share a bit of my writing, though. I am also going to write the book review for Ueland’s book on writing soon, since it is due to the library already.

Please check out my previous post, too. I think it’s great fun!


“Kiss the toilet seat.”

Osprey did not move.

“Kiss it, I said!”

She pushed her head up, causing Leann to grab more fistfuls of hair, wrenching at her scalp. It hurt. Osprey tried not to think of what she was about to do. She would certainly get expelled this time. Maybe she didn’t care.

Yeah. Why not? She had nothing more to lose.

She focused on the tiny brown hair that lay on the floor next to her pinky finger. She pushed into it, as she had pushed into so many things. Now she was the hair, abandoned by natural processes on the cold tile. She pushed again, puuuuushed, and…

Leann leapt back with a shout as a mass of hair appeared on the floor. Strands whispered together as they grew, grew, grew, until they grasped Leann’s wrists. They pulled her up off the ground and tied her to the bar hanging on the wall of the stall. Lucky this was a wheelchair stall.

Leann started to scream and curse, until the hair covered over her mouth.

Osprey stood up with a sigh. She glanced at Leann, whose wide eyes were pleading, before she walked away.

She left the school. She walked under the freeway, and climbed the fence into ranch fields, and kept going. When the sun set, she was well out of town, and following the path in her mind that she had gone so many times, but never with her feet before.

The Wilderness.

The Rest of the World.

She had to go catch it.

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