Just For Fun

Funny Times

I have been procrastinating against this blog post. I wanted to say something deeply witty or interesting, which would spark inspiration in my fellow writers and readers (note there is some sarcasm there)…

But I just come up dry, today. I thought of doing a book review for Patricia A. McKilip’s The Riddlemaster Trilogy, a grand epic fantasy that I finished re-reading about a week ago. Alas, no spark there to write it anymore. Then, I wanted to discuss words and what makes a word powerful and evocative, since I’m currently reading Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine and finding his choice of words fascinating.

Yet even that just seems to be a brief mind blip of excitement, an exclamation mark that hovers in my mind and then leaves, so…

I will share with you some great little comics done for writers that I really enjoy. They are great to read on a rainy, a sad day, or a day when you are itching to feel connected instead of lonely in your writing path.

Don’t read it on a day when you need to get a lot of writing done! It can be quite distracting.

Will Write For Chocolate

Will Write For Chocolate (C) Debby Ridpath Ohi

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