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The Cheese Factor: Keep the “Cheesiness” Out of Your Author Website

I really enjoyed these tips for building a writer’s website. I was pleased to find that my website passes the “no cheese” list. Feel free to check it out after you view Kerry Lonsdale’s list:


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We have a treat for you today. Kerry Lonsdale is a writer and a marketing and techno-guru. She’s here to keep you from website embarrassment. Here she is:

Nigel Blackwell Photo credit: Nigel Blackwell via WANA Commons

Cheesy websites. You know the ones I’m referring to. The music that launches the moment you land on the site. (I’m listening to Mumford & Sons on Pandora. I really don’t want to hear your 1980s love ballad.) The website designed around a book, not the author. (What are you, a one-hit-wonder?) The headshot photo you took of yourself. (Thank you for pointing the camera downward so I wouldn’t have to look up your nostrils.) The content loaded with fonts all shapes, sizes, and colors. (Too distracting and confusing. Sorry, you just lost me. I’ve left your site.)

Why you don’t want cheesiness.


Writers love to be creative…

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