Book Review: The High Mountain Court by AK Mulford

Wow, I haven’t read this book but now I am excited to do so! I found the format of this book review to be so refreshing, colorful and easy on the eyes. I love that the review is not too long and doesn’t have any spoilers in it! Go check it out!

Bookish Brews

Good morning! A few of you must remember a few weeks ago I hosted AK Mulford on Bookish Brews where she talked about Diversity in Indie Publishing (If you missed it, check it out here). It was a bit of a crunch on time with my intense reading schedule, so it took me a while to get this review to you, but I absolutely needed to! I really enjoyed this book so I hope this review convinces you to add it to your to read lists!

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Title:The High Mountain Court
Author:AK Mulford
Publisher:Indie Published (what’s this?)
Publication date:August 10, 2021
Genre: Fantasy, Myth & Legend

A refreshing fae book…

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I think this post gives us some insight into publication these days – practical aspects, such as payment, promotion, etc. It made me feel excited and also inspired for my own writing endeavors. Congratulations, Iain Kelly!

Iain Kelly

I’ve been away from my blog for a while, enjoying a busy summer of work at the day job and some family time. I haven’t been ignoring my writing completely though, and I’m delighted to announce I have signed a contract to have my next novel published in the UK by The Book Guild Ltd.

‘The Barra Boy’ is scheduled for release in June 2022. Look out for more announcements over the coming months. I have signed a ‘Partnership Publishing’ contract, which involves the publisher putting in the majority of the expense, while I make a financial contribution as well. For now, my part is done – the book is written! – and the publisher takes over to copy edit, typeset and design ahead of the planned release. Nearer the publication date next summer, there will be a marketing campaign. I’m under no illusion about the chances of making my…

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I have been discovering some great poetry blogs, lately! Here is one of my favorite ones, please check it out.

Heartstring Eulogies

“I feel it. Every place you ever touched me.”

I feel it. Every place you ever touched me. Every word you ever said. Every flash of a smile, and every glimpse of your eyes. It’s like a rush of every moment we spent together, happening in the span of seconds, over far too soon. And all I want is to feel you near once more.

But I can’t, and I’m back at the start, reliving the days when we were “us.”

© Sarah Doughty

This is what it means
to miss you.

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