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Discovering Poet Katharyn Howd Machan

Good evening my friends, It has been a couple of wild weeks. I have been going through some health upsets. Now I am happy to be able to dive back into blogging, and hopefully, back into writing, also! Currently I am in a research bit on my young adult historical novel. My main character has… Continue reading Discovering Poet Katharyn Howd Machan

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Favorite Writing Magazines

Good morning, everyone!I hope that your weekend was restful. I spent some time outside lying down and gazing at the clouds and trees. I'm hoping it will help me dive back into one of my stories, because lately I've been so tired from work (office job), I haven't had the brainpower to do much writing.… Continue reading Favorite Writing Magazines

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Reading Authors who Become Controversial

Hello, everyone! Welcome to May! How does it feel?I am excited to share that I was able to complete my goal for Camp NaNoWriMo; admittedly, I did end up changing it from 50,000 words to 45,000. But I am so proud of myself for having completed it! I was able to reach part 2 and… Continue reading Reading Authors who Become Controversial

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The Atlas of Emotions

Good afternoon all, I've found a fun and useful resource! It's great for writing or self-work (self-work as in, working to improve yourself, via activites such as journaling, studying communication, or mindfulness exercises). It's called The Atlas of Emotions. The Atlas of Emotions shows the connection between an event happening, and the feeling that arises… Continue reading The Atlas of Emotions