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Writing Villains

Hello, all! I am going to update this blog weekly from now on, not exactly Wednesdays, because Wednesday has become a busy day for me. I passed a beginner archery class this past Wednesday, and am excited to proceed to intermediate! Today, I wanted to ask a question to you: How do you write good… Continue reading Writing Villains

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Happy New Year!

Hey everybody, Happy New Year! Crazy that it's 2023 now, right? I'm glad the new year is here, but also, I'm not into new year's resolutions, and sometimes I tend to look back at the past year and feel disappointed in what I haven't completed. So, to counteract that, here are some achievements I made… Continue reading Happy New Year!

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News in the Writing World today

Hello everyone, I've still been quite busy travelling, writing, etc. and so this blog has gotten a bit dusty. But I'm pleased to see people still reading, still enjoying my posts - even old ones! Wow. This has been such a learning journey for me, and I'm excited for it to continue. Since I don't… Continue reading News in the Writing World today

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Book Review: “Thanks a Lot, Universe” by Chad Lucas

Good morning, all! Happy Friday! Recently I picked up a book called Thanks a Lot, Universe by Chad Lucas. The cover looked cute, and sometimes I like to read YA fiction. I find that YA fiction about a character discovering their sexual orientation intrigues me, because they are often character-focused instead of plot-driven. I find… Continue reading Book Review: “Thanks a Lot, Universe” by Chad Lucas