Just splat it out!

Today I started reading a really great book, Sketch by Sketch: A Creative Path to Emotional Healing and Transformation, by Sheila Darcey. I really loved how Darcey encourages her readers - creators who are feeling discouraged in their art, writing, music etc. - to try sketching out their feelings, and see what creative ideas might… Continue reading Just splat it out!

How Writers Write


Sometimes it helps me to just lie down and daydream. Often, it helps me when I'm having difficulty writing a conversation between two characters, or don't know what to write next. Maybe it helps you, too! Let's explore the why and how of daydreaming. Featured Photo: by Pixabay on Why daydreaming helps writers As… Continue reading Daydreaming

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Discovering Writer Jane Yolen

Good afternoon! Is anyone else excited for April? 'Cause I sure am! I am hoping to start some gardening projects soon, and I look forward to showers and flowers, hopefully. Here in Florida we get tons of rain, but I kindof like it. It's peaceful, and having been raised in California, it's different, for me.… Continue reading Discovering Writer Jane Yolen

How Writers Write

William S Burroughs & the Muse

Dear friends, Writer William S Burroughs says about the Muse - that elusive inspiration we're ever searching for: An artist must be open to the muse. The greater the artist, the more he is open to “cosmic currents.” He has to behave as he does. If he has “the courage to be an artist,” he is committed to behave… Continue reading William S Burroughs & the Muse

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Discovering Writer Elizabeth Roderick

Hello all, I'm here to talk about one of my author friends again. I met her years ago in San Luis Obispo, California when we joined a writing critique group. We were in the group with 2 other people, also talented, writing an assortment of types of novels - YA, fantasy, etc. My friend Liz's… Continue reading Discovering Writer Elizabeth Roderick

Book Reviews

Book Review: “Pack Up the Moon” by Kristan Higgins

Happy New Year dear readers and writers! I have been struggling with anxiety and post-Covid heart issues, so I have not been able to post for some time. But with medicine and acupuncture, I am finally feeling some improvement. Thank you for your patience these past few weeks that I have posted less often or… Continue reading Book Review: “Pack Up the Moon” by Kristan Higgins